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Alright but how about that new Front Bottoms album
Alright but how about that new Front Bottoms album
Hi yes hello it is my birthday what a time to be alive
Happy Birthday to Me
Hi yes hello it is my birthday what a time to be alive

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​“I honestly don’t know why I thought this would be any different than it usually is…” Jake thought to himself, currently sitting at a booth in a relatively fancy restaurant (Cow Butt Steakhouse, a popular local establishment). He wasn’t alone, of course. A… LARGE woman was seated with him, although “with him” was an interesting way to describe the situation. It was more along the lines of ON him.  Yes, in a classic Jake situation, he had gotten he had a bit intoxicated a few nights ago and got the number of some woman that he couldn’t even remember the next morning. He texted her, learning that her name was Chelsea. One thing led to another, and they decided to go eat together.
​The moment he saw her step through the door of the restaurant, Jake knew he was in trouble. She was big. Not in the sense of weight (although she definitely packed a good bit of pudge, especially in the back. This was very easily shown off in her leggings that she was wearing, while the blue tank top did little to hide the cleavage that was spilling out of it), but in the sense that she was at least 14 feet tall. “Mini giantesses aren’t even that common in the city… How did I get her number and then forget about this?” he mumbled to himself.
​“Jake, oh my gosh hey!” Chelsea squealed in an excited voice, grinning from ear to ear. She rushed over, her shoulder length blonde hair bouncing a bit as she ran, and stood right next to the end of the booth where Jake sat. “Chelsea! Hi! Nice to s-Mmmph!” Jake’s introduction was cut off by the incoming cleavage of the Amazon before him. She had knelt down and hugged the entire top of his body, forcing his face and some of his torso into her bountiful breasts. “Mmm- Hi! Okay! This is going to be one of those, I see! I’ll scoot over so you can sit,” Jake began after pulling himself away from the smothering might of Chelsea’s chest, “Although, if this is going to go how it normally does, I’m sure you’ll insist on sitting on-“
​“Oh no! I bet you’re so cold from… being outside! I’ll just… Warm you up. No need to move” Chelsea winked before leaning into Jake’s ear “I remember you going on and on about how much you loved being sat on when we met… As well as some other things.”
​“Ah yep. There we go. Every time when I’m drunk. I mean it’s summer and I’m not cold, but no use fighting it! Have a seat.”
​“Don’t mind if I do, little Jake. Don’t mind if I do.”
​With that, Chelsea spun around, and her wide, plump bottom eased itself onto Jake’s lap. She wriggled around, trying to get comfortable while simultaneously crushing Jake’s pelvis and squashing him into the soft booth seat. After a few moments of attempting to flatten his lower body into a pancake, Chelsea gave a satisfied sigh and eased back, blissfully enjoying her human cushion.
​“Y’know I would love to do this again, but I’m not really looking for a serious relationship,” Chelsea began, grinning evilly, “So I’m just going to order whatever I want, and sit on you until you let me use your credit card to pay for it, alright? I mean you’re completely hidden beneath me, no one will even question it.” She giggled a bit, and ground her ass into Jake some more.
​“Awwwwwww…” Jake moaned. Girls usually at least let him EAT. Of course he’d get the bubbly sadist. Just his luck. On an even less exciting note, Chelsea’s grinding was starting to adjust his body under her, causing his legs to move under the table more, and his upper body to move under Chelsea’s ass more. She was now sitting on his upper lap and stomach.
​“Yeah, I’ll just have all of the specials, thanks,” the Amazon said to the waiter. Her stomach made a noise, but it wasn’t from hunger. “Uh oh. Better make some room in here,” she smirked. As soon as the waiter left, Chelsea lifted her butt ever so slightly and let out a gigantic fart. PRRRRRRRRRT! “I would apologize for that, but I’m not sorry at all,” she giggled, “And you were going on and on about loving being farted on at the bar. So sniff it up, little guy.” She lowered her mammoth ass back down, this time right on Jake’s face and upper torso. “Just wait until the food gets here…” she mumbled, “You’ll be breathing nothing but my gas…”
​And boy was she right. She devoured meal after meal (they had 10 specials today), never breaking her stride, and letting out wave after wave of gas right into Jake’s face, the awful wind being forced down his nose, giving him nothing to do but suffer through it. And yet she continued eating…


“Awww, is Jake hungry too?” Chelsea taunted after finishing off the last plate, “Well all of this food is in gas form now… So open your mouth.” Jake’s eyes shot open. He was barely conscious after breathing almost nothing but pure fart for that last 45 minutes, but he was still conscious enough to know that he did NOT want to do that. He vigorously shook his head, jiggling each of Chelsea’s cheeks that his face made contact with. Chelsea sighed. “You have two options, little thing. You can open up your mouth here, or I can take you to the bathroom and you can open your mouth there, if you know what I mean.”
Shuddering, and filled with regret and humiliation, Jake opened his mouth. Chelsea moved around a bit, positioning Jake’s mouth right where she wanted it. Riiiiight beneath the source. And then, she unleashed hell. Blast after blast of noxious gas was launched down Jake’s throat, the horrid taste of everything she has just eaten setting off alarms in Jake’s taste buds, causing him to cough. But still the barrage continued. Finally, after about 5 minutes of Chelsea farting into Jake’s mouth, the waiter came by and set down a check. Normally he would’ve noticed the smell, but every bit of it had been forced into Jake’s mouth.
After glancing at the check, Chelsea scoffed and threw it down, getting up off of Jake and leaving without saying a word. Jake’s hand feebly raised and grabbed the check, pulling it down weakly. He shook his head and opened his eyes, reading down to the final price.
Jake Goes On a Date
Wrote this up in like an hour, didn't do a lot of editing. I know it's not very long or... Good, but hopefully it's passable. Going back to the simple Jake stuff with this one

I feel like every time I post here I make some kind of excuse as to why I don't post MORE but here it is again. I just don't have the time or motivation to write that often. I'm not a writer. I just create fetish stories online sometimes because I guess I'm capable of making passable stuff in that regard. I'm not breaking any new ground, but that was never my goal. I just wanted to write about stuff I was into for other people who are also into it. But a year or two ago life really started... HAPPENING for me and I grew up a lot. Lots of opportunities, lots of new relationships (personal, professional, romantic). Before all of that I'd just sort of coasted along and took things one day at a time, but I've finally made something out of myself, y'know? I've had a ton going on, so I ask you to forgive me for getting all of your hopes up with this "oh something coming soon!" BS I tend to spew. I just get excited and then something BIG in my life comes up and I just forget about DA stuff. So I'm not sure when the next one will come, but I had fun writing this. Hopefully you can have fun reading it. Thanks for continuing to look at my shit! I really appreciate the favorites, comments, watches, and whatnot. Sorry about the whole life story thing. Maybe I can write it all down in a journal or something if you guys were interested in learning more about me and my life. But that's probably kinda dumb, I doubt you'd want that. Anyway! Thanks again!
You should know by now that I'm a dirty liar. I've really been working on that story but I've deleted and restarted nearing on 5 times. I have no idea how to get back in the groove. It's been so long. Ugh. It'll be out eventually I promise
Yeah I Know, I Suck
You should know by now that I'm a dirty liar. I've really been working on that story but I've deleted and restarted nearing on 5 times. I have no idea how to get back in the groove. It's been so long. Ugh. It'll be out eventually I promise


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey there. Name's Jake. I write fetish stories and whatnot, as you can see. I'm not much of an artist, so this is basically all I do

Favourite genre of music: Pop punk, alternative
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Nautilus *nods*
Alright but how about that new Front Bottoms album

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